About Sculptor

Our Philosophy

Each person coming into our studio has a different set of fitness needs. There is not one formula for every body. Nor is there one program for every lifestyle.

Sculptor Fitness is dedicated to providing personalized fitness programs for every client. We believe that taking extra time with you is an investment in your overall wellness and success.

Rock Solid Results come from clearly designed, time-tested programs, support, and ongoing measurement of your goals and achievements. With expertise in body mechanics, instruction on proper form and technique, and a holistic approach that encompasses both exercise and nutrition, our trainers will help you see results faster.

Our Approach

We’re not like other gyms. We know the first month is always the hardest, and that choosing the right workout and using the right technique to get the results you want can be tough for even fitness enthusiasts. That’s why we personally walk you through the initial steps of starting a fitness program that works for your body, your level of exercise experience, and your life.

We’re dedicated to providing personalized fitness programs for every client, with quality instruction on proper form and technique.


No Monthly Membership Fees

Unlike other gyms, Sculptor Fitness has no initial start-up fee, no monthly membership fees, no annual commitment.

We provide several payment options so you can pay as you go, or take advantage of discounts by purchasing multi-class passes.


Free Initial 1:1 Consultation

We have all new clients complete a free initial consultation and fitness assessment with a certified trainer prior to attending any sessions or group classes.

Our startup process for new clients is designed to help ensure your safety and achieve the best results.


PersonalizedĀ Coaching

We listen first, and then we create solutions, educate, and motivate you based on your needs and lifestyle realities.

Our trainers provide individual instruction on technique, form, and modifications whether you’re in a personal session or one of our small group classes.

Personal Training

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 training or want to work out with a partner or couple of friends, our trainers provide the expertise and support you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. We offer 3 types of personal training:

1:1 Training

A full 60 minutes of one-on-one personal training focused on your fitness goals. We generally recommend at least one session per week to see best results.

Partner Training

Split the cost with a work-out buddy for double the fun. Similar to 1:1 training, but there’s another person (usually a friend or loved one) to keep you motivated and accountable.

Semi-Private Training

Maximize support and encouragement by training with a small group of 3 or 4 people. You can sign up as part of a group, or let us match you with other clients.

Group Classes

Get in shape and connect with other people who want to get fit and have fun.

Our small group classes (5-10 people per instructor) are another fun, affordable option for clients seeking personal attention and coaching.

After your initial consultation, and depending on your current fitness level and goals, we may recommend that you start with a few personal training sessions to establish a solid foundation for success, but you always have the option of just attending group classes.

Many of our classes are offered on a weekly basis throughout the year, while others are offered seasonally.

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Our Studio

We offer a personalized training environment that is clean, friendly, and not intimidating.

Located off Hwy 202 (Redmond-Fall City Road) at about Mile Marker 16, our studio includes a spacious two-story fitness gym (“The Barn”), as well as a separate spinning room and outdoor conditioning spaces.

The fitness gym is fully-equipped with free weights, a variety of Paramount, Precor, and Hammer Strength equipment, a Concept 2 rowing machine, a Versa Climber, a TRX Suspension Trainer, a Stott Pilates Reformer, a 2-story climbing rope, plus other goodies like kettlebells and a power rope trainer. There’s also plenty of room for stretching and calisthenics.

The spinning facility has 13 LaMond Spinning Bikes.

Our Trainers

Debby Lukas-Wyrsch

Owner, Personal Trainer

Brett Bergstrom

Personal Trainer

Our Community

With more than a decade on the Sammamish Plateau, our team has designed fitness programs that inspire and get results.

From couch potatoes to ultra marathoners, from families wanting to be more active to athletes training for sports and racing events, we’ve created personalized plans for all age groups, abilities, and lifestyle needs–getting fit, having fun, and building long-lasting friendships along the way.


Lose weight, reduce body fat


Gain strength, tone muscle


Improve core strength


Increase flexibility


Rehabilitate an injury


Train for a sport or event


Increase energy & vitality