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Debby Lukas-Wyrsch

Debby Lukas-Wyrsch

Owner, Personal Trainer

Debby has been involved in sports and fitness since she first stepped foot on a soccer field at age 6 and found her place with all the other muddy little girls. For the past 30 years, Debby has been playing hard. Whether it is on the soccer or softball field, summiting Mt. Rainier, or trail running along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, Debby is training toward a goal.  Read More...

Debby sees her personal fitness as a lifelong mission for total health and wellness. Each year she bites off a new challenge that encourages her to learn and grow. A few years ago she surprised her clients by competing in the Emerald Cup Figure Competition. This required going on stage in front of hundreds and strutting her stuff in a small bikini and heels. These experiences inspire Debby’s clients to take chances and challenge their fears.

Debby’s passion for training clients is fueled by helping each client gain that confidence in their fitness. Most clients are skeptical if they will reach their goal. Debby motivates each client to succeed with their fitness program. It is a team effort to make the program work with any lifestyle or physical challenges. She uses her background in sports, strength training, Pilates and Yoga to assist her in developing custom programs for each client.

Certifications and Achievements

American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified; Bachelor of Arts, Recreation Sport Management, Washington State University; Fitness Specialist Certification, Lake Washington Technical College; YogaFit Certified, Level III; Polestart Pilates Trained; CPR and First Aid Certified



Brett Bergstrom

Brett Bergstrom

Personal Trainer

We are happy to partner with Brett Berstrom from The Barn Strength & Conditioning program.
Brett specializes in Athletic Conditioning for athletes of all ages.  His programs are designed to increase strength, agility, speed and responsiveness, balance, stability and coordination. You can contact Brett to for more information or to come try a class. Brett@sculptorfitness.com


Amanda Lee Smith

Amanda Lee Smith

Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

For the last 18 years, fitness has played a major role in Amanda’s life. From age five when she dribbled her first basketball and won her first backstroke heat on the swim team, she has continually been involved in sports and fitness. During her high school years, she was involved in soccer and cheer. As cheer captain she led her squad to win first in state where they went on to compete in nationals taking sixth place out of 28 teams. Read More...

Amanda’s core values are focused around work, family, and friends. She began her working career at Starbucks corporation where she was able to thrive in a company that is community oriented. It was here she built strong relationships with her coworkers and customers. Throughout her experiences at Starbucks, she maintained a consistent routine at the gym where she built many important relationships as well. Not only is Amanda enthusiastic about living a fit and balanced lifestyle, but is also passionate about helping others do the same. Sculptor Fitness has presented an ideal environment to make her passions into a career.



Rachel Green

Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

Rachel LOVES fitness and exercise. In high school, she was on a multi-sport roller-coaster; constantly cycling through Volleyball, Basketball and Softball seasons. Post high school and through most of college Rachel played on several competitive Ultimate Frisbee teams. Read More...

However, bad form and un-stretched muscles quickly caught up to Rachel. She was always injuring or reinjuring herself.

Feeling beaten down and a little discouraged she turned to Yoga. Specifically drawn to the challenge of Bikram Hot Yoga, she quickly saw the benefits and healing in her body. In the last 15 years, Rachel has trained with several world champion yogis and taken numerous classes all over the world – including level 2 and 3 of the advanced Ghosh series. The real training started when she decided to enroll in the Winter Hatha Teacher Training in 2015. She graduated and began teaching yoga immediately. Her background in physical therapy helped her incorporate knowledge of the body and movement during her classes and personal practice. The pendulum finally swung the opposite direction when she found herself overly flexible and lacking strength … enter Sculptor Fitness! She joined Sculptor 2 years ago and has loved every moment. The combination of strength and flexibility has brought consistency and healing to her body. Sculptor is her new home! The small classes and community-feel make Sculptor Fitness a place that you quickly want to come back to.



Cody Eads

Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

My name is Cody Eads, and I was born in Snoqualmie Valley, lived in Arizona for 9 years and most recently moved back to the Valley. I am an Alumni of Eastern Washington University (Go Eagles) with a degree in Business Administration. I grew up playing baseball, football, and soccer. Read More...

I was introduced to weightlifting in high school, but never really took it too seriously until I was about 20. Once I started seeing results, I began working out every day. My love for lifting eventually evolved into an interest in health and wellness. After several years of consideration, I decided to get my Personal Training Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). I look forward to getting to know/help our clients at Sculptor achieve their fitness goals!



Leah Hardesty

Personal Trainer, Class Instructor

Growing up with a mother who was a fitness instructor, Leah remembers pulling on her mom’s tights, leotard and leg warmers, blasting some 80s music and performing an aerobic step routine in the living room. Leah has always been drawn to fitness, but didn’t realize her true passion for it until later in life. Read More...

After years of mimicking her mom’s profession, Leah didn’t follow that path right away. She did some track in middle school and enjoyed dance and cheer in high school, then left to study journalism and public relations at Arizona State University. A few years into her career, Leah was working at ASU and not doing anything consistent with fitness, but wanted a hobby. A co-worker encouraged her to join his triathlon group. Having never swam, biked or ran seriously, Leah was skeptical, but she is a person who welcomes new challenges and so she agreed. Within three years of that first practice, Leah competed in three full Ironmans, one half-Ironman and countless olympic and sprint distance triathlons, including the famous Escape from Alcatraz -swimming across the bay from Alcatraz Island.

It wasn’t until after the birth of her two daughters that Leah realized she was meant to be in fitness. She dealt with her own weight loss struggle, gaining 65 pounds with both pregnancies. After her first pregnancy, Leah only performed cardio with an attempt to compete in triathlons again, but her new schedule wasn’t conducive to the training commitment and while she did lose weight, she looked and felt weak. After her second pregnancy, she did solely strength training and experienced amazing results. Within months of strength training, Leah fell in love with lifting heavy! Not only did strength training help her achieve a strong and healthy body she never thought was possible, but also she gained confidence in herself and felt empowered to conquer anything.

During this time, Leah decided to pursue a career teaching girls and women how to strength train. She attended the National Personal Training Institute, engaging in more than 500 hours of classroom and lab instruction about human anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, physiology, corrective exercise, movement patterns and proper spotting and lifting techniques. She became a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and after three years of working in a gym, she opened her own private training studio in California where she taught for another two years.

Leah recently moved to Redmond with her husband and daughters, ready for new adventures. She is working toward becoming an elite powerlifter, a sport where your strength is tested in the big three – squat, bench, deadlift. She has competed in eight meets, even qualifying for national and world competitions. Leah is also working on becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and certified powerlifting coach from the United States Powerlifting Association.

Lifting has taught Leah about perseverance, patience, and embracing failure as well as success. She tells every client that the key to success in fitness is to stick to and trust the process, enjoy the journey and before you know it, you’re beyond where you expected to be. Leah wants to help other women discover and experience the empowerment that comes with strength training. Put some iron in your hands and suddenly you feel like Wonder Woman!